Intelligent Email

Suffering from email overload? Our email bot will help prioritize and summarize your emails each day.

Intelligent Time Tracking

Our time tracking bot will make timing things almost as simple as just saying start and stop.

Easy to Customize

Intelligence is often relative and contextual so we strive to make our bots as customizable as possible.

Some of our bots...


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Welcome bot

Connect me to your email account (via and I'll help you gain back control of your inbox.

Email bot

Connect me with your Amazon Echo device to "Tell bot fu I'm here" and I'll help make time tracking fun.

Talk bot

Connect me to your phone and I can help you interact with most Bot Fu features via text messaging.

Texting bot

About us

We believe connecting and automating apps, services, and hardware via 'intelligent robots' will make for a better and more efficient world for all.

We believe the software within these robots should be mutable. That it should learn and evolve along with those that it serves, communicates with, and touches.

We believe that 'intelligent robots' should be easy, and natural, for the average person to interact with. That these interactions shouldn't require a computer science degree, hours of reading manuals & documentation, or a high-level mathmatical understanding of the universe. They should be straight-forward, conversational, and "just work".

All of this is what we've set out to build and offer through Bot Fu.