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What surprises are you hoping for with the Android L / Nexus 9 / Nexus X supposed October launch? - self.Android

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4G wireless, a Verizon authorized reseller, is being INCREDIBLY shady with the iPhone sales, and people need to know -

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Here's Android One battery life stats - self.Android

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iOS 8.0.1 cant come soon enough.. -

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Just for the sake of conversation, how would you feel about an android phone without a single hardware button? - self.Android

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Strangeloop 2014 slides and videos -

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IBM and the Holocaust -

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Trevor Re: Java's Cover -

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Japanese company Obayashi announces plans to have a space elevator by 2050 -

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London’s Tech Boom Is More Than Just Hype, the Hard Numbers Say So -

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Unlimited Detail Update [video] -

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DOE Wants to Know If We Live in a Hologram -

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SwiftStub: Online Swift Compiler -

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Best iOS 8 keyboard -

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After Surgery, Surprise $117,000 Medical Bill from Doctor He Didn't Know -

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I liked having a full list of all of my pictures (ie camera roll.) Is there a way to get this back in iOS 8? Or can someone suggest a 3rd party app to fill this void left in iOS 8? -

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iOS8: Easily delete old Messages attachments, save a ton of storage -

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Can we talk about Google Play's recent TV commercials? - self.Android

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Playing PS4 Games on your Smartphone - Xperia Z3 series -

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PSA: Don't force close your apps! -

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Top languages to know about
  1. JavaScript
  2. CSS
  3. Ruby
  4. C
  5. Python
  6. Java
  7. Go
  8. Objective-C
  9. CoffeeScript
  10. Shell

The above programming language list is based on the languages that recently trending Github projects are utilizing.

Github project to know about


By pozadi and written in JavaScript
FRP library for JavaScript inspired by Bacon.js and RxJS with focus on high performance and low memory consumption - check it out »

Kickstarter to know about

Equatorial Sundial - Learn about planetary motion!

By Steven Cox
A simple way to learn and teach complex astronomical concepts. Awesome educational experiment, class demo or desktop display. - check it out »

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